Haas GPS tracker monitors temperatures in reefer vans

Haas GPS has announced the availability of an advanced business tracker intended for users of refrigeration vans. This new unit combines traditional business tracking information such as location, engine on/off, and speed violations, with automatic and on-demand real-time temperature reports. The system can be configured to send text message and e-mail alerts if thermal readings exceed the range set by managers.

Shippers of perishable product will appreciate the benefits of the Haas H1410-RVS (Refrigerated Van Sensor). Immediate notification of a refrigeration unit failure could result in the rescue of a full truckload of merchandise. Transport and delivery policies and procedures can be formulated based on facts presented on strip chart reports.

The H1410-RVS consists of a GPS tracker, an integrated cell phone, a built-in backup battery recharged by the vehicle alternator, a temperature probe, and an antenna. Clients are assigned a password-protected control station accessible at www.HaasGPS.com. An electronic strip chart report is updated every 10 minutes while the vehicle engine is on. It remains available for 90 days and until then is downloadable to an Excel spreadsheet. Temperatures outside of a configurable pre-set range can result in immediate e-mail and cell phone text message alert sent to fleet managers. Information provided could prevent a major loss, or at the very least, lead to more efficient practices.

Visit www.HaasGPS.com for further information.

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