Interfresh Cargo partners with Purfresh

Interfresh Cargo partners with Purfresh

Interfresh Cargo SA has chosen the Purfresh Transport cargo protection system for its customers to maintain quality and freshness of blueberries shipped via ocean from Argentina to the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and United States.

According to Purfresh, blueberry shippers using Purfresh Transport show improvements in firmness, color, and taste, as well as a reduction in shrivel compared with high carbon dioxide (CO2) modified-atmosphere technology.

Gerardo L Tappa, director at Interfresh Cargo, said, “Loss due to decay and overripening during long-distance ocean transport is a constant challenge for the shipping industry, and the Purfresh Transport technology is one of the most effective and easiest ways to combat it.”

As a valuable and sensitive fruit, blueberries must be protected from gray mold and the detrimental effects of ethylene during long-distance ocean transport. Traditionally, to maintain fruit quality during transport, gas-injection controlled-atmosphere (CA) technologies have typically been employed. CA methods slow respiration but do little to prevent decay. These shortcomings—combined with extended time to market and consumer demands for safe, year-round fresh produce—have prompted the industry to seek alternatives for maintaining fruit quality when leveraging ocean transportation.

David Bouchard, general manager for Purfresh, said, “Interfresh is a well-respected transportation logistics and services company focused on providing high-quality products and services, and we are proud to have them representing our Purfresh Transport technology in Argentina.”

Engineered with patent-pending intelligent cargo protection technology, Purfresh Transport reduces the risk of cargo loss, enhances food safety, and helps ensure higher-quality arrivals when shipping fresh produce by marine transport. Unlike other approaches—such as temperature recorders, traditional CA and modified-atmosphere systems, and fungicides—Purfresh Transport provides full trip transparency along with active atmosphere enhancement to prevent decay, control ripening, and reduce foodborne pathogens.

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