Jet-Ripe portable unit can turn cold rooms into ripening rooms

Global Cooling Inc has announced availability of its Jet-Ripe portable ripening system.
According to Jim Still, Global Cooling’s president, “Our Jet-Ripe arrives fully assembled and ready to use. The ripener simply puts it into an existing refrigerated room with the fruit to be ripened, uses a catalytic generator to make ethylene gas, and the ripening process begins.”
Global Cooling is a provider of forced-air precooling and ripening equipment. It also offers the Jet-Ready and Rapid-Cool precooling systems.
“The original forced-air ripening system is a tarp system where two rows of pallets of fruit are placed side by side up against a fan wall, and then the pallets are covered with a tarp,” said Still. “The suction of the fans pulling from under the tarp forces the room air to flow through the cartons of fruit, and not just around them.”
The Jet-Ripe is a tarp-based ripening design, and it has a galvanized steel base and stand, and two fans each with 2 horsepower. It also has foam pads, a tarp, and on-and-off controls.
“This is the best and most energy-efficient design for ripening when the room is one pallet tall, or ‘single-tier,’” said Still. “The tarp covering the tops of the upper cartons assures that all of the airflow goes through all of the fruit boxes uniformly, and therefore the ripening process is more uniform, too.”
Addition of a “variable-speed drive” or VFD, allows the ripener to adjust the fan speed for less than fully loaded rooms, saving even more electricity.
“Our Jet-Ripe is perfect for ripening anywhere from two pallets to 24 pallets,” said Still.
Access or phone 1-610-248-9800 for complete information.

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