Kögel Cool–PurFerro Quality body makes the grade in Baltic region

Kögel Cool–PurFerro Quality body makes the grade in Baltic region

Darius Kriukas, organization development director in the Girteka Group; and Marius Vitkauskas from UAB “Bene Trucks Lietuva” in front of the Kögel Cool–PurFerro Quality body.

With its more than 1,750 refrigerated box body trailers and more than 400 platform semitrailers, the Lithuanian company Girteka Logistics is one of the largest forwarding companies in the Baltic Sea region.
Up to now the forwarding company had placed its trust in Kögel, particularly with its curtainside trucks. Transferring this trust to refrigerated vehicles, Girteka is one of the first in Eastern Europe to carry out tests on the Kögel Cool–PurFerro Quality box body. The new refrigerated body demonstrates that it is not only designed to cope with various road conditions and tough loading operations, but also that it is suited for transporting fresh and frozen foods.
The Cool–PurFerro Quality scores with the new non-rotting, watertight, low-wear-and-noise aluminum floor structure. A welded aluminium trough in the floor area provides improved hygiene and a simplified cleaning facility. Penetration of moisture into the support structure is prevented by the aluminum trough. This considerably increases the service life and economy of the refrigerated box trailer.
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) requirements for safeguarding health with regard to temperature-controlled food transports in international goods traffic, and the ATP Directive, are met by the Cool–PurFerro Quality. Using the refrigerated box body also reduces noise generation during loading and unloading by up to 10 decibels compared with its predecessor model. The reduction in noise emissions makes deliveries outside regulated opening hours easier.
Panels that make up the box body are produced by Kögel PurFerro GmbH & Co KG. They consist of a new highly insulating special foam material that is 100% CFC-free. The 0.6-mm-thick, easy-to-maintain steel covering layer is also coated with a hard PVC film on the inside. The 65-mm-thick walls, 85-mm-thick roof, and 125-mm-thick floor are made within the company and ensure an improved thermal transfer coefficient (K-value). This efficient protection against temperature effects reduces energy consumption and saves costs. The constructive integration of the floor and frame has increased space by 45 mm, permitting both better airflow and increasing the internal height, and 25 mm of the increase has been used for the floor and ceiling insulating layers.
Different level rails and anchoring rails can, as an option, be incorporated directly in the foam in the walls. This not only obviates subsequent complicated installation, but it also helps the driver to secure his load quickly and securely. In addition, the vehicle has, as standard, a load-securing certificate in accordance with DIN EN 12642 Code XL.
The entire vehicle frames of all Kögel vehicles, including the new Cool–PurFerro Quality, are permanently protected against corrosion by Nano-Ceramic technology and cathodic dip-paint coating with subsequent UV varnishing.
Access www.koegel.com for complete details.

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