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Klinge Corp acquires Norfrig Equipment

Klinge Corporation has completed its acquisition of Norfrig Equipment. Headquartered in Kjellerup, Denmark, Norfrig Equipment is a leading supplier of ultra-low-temperature refrigeration and thawing systems.

Henrik Klinge, president of Klinge Corp, said, “The acquisition of Norfrig Equipment strategically strengthens our overall capabilities in providing specialized transport refrigeration equipment to our commercial and military customers. The combination of Norfrig Equipment and Klinge Corp provides significant potential for innovation in the field of specialized refrigeration units and generator sets in the transport industry.”

Norfrig Equipment’s focus is on providing an unbroken cold chain through its line of products, which include blast freezers; electrical refrigeration units for transport on vehicles, ships, and rail; cold storage modules; and quick-thaw units. The company’s equipment is primarily used by the fish and meat industries for freezing, transport, storage, and thawing of food.

“We expect new innovative concepts and products to evolve as a result of the collective engineering and design talent of the newly merged companies,” said Klinge.

Founded in 1984 as a spin-off of the Transport Refrigeration Equipment department of York International, Klinge Corp has been producing refrigeration equipment at its manufacturing facilities and headquarters in York PA (with sales offices and workshops in Denmark and Egypt) for more than 25 years.

The company’s customized designs provide alternatives to standard, mass-produced refrigerated containers that often cannot meet the requirements of harsh environments or stringent testing. Klinge Corp offers refrigerated containers for military applications, dual refrigerated containers, explosionproof refrigerated containers, refrigerated tank containers, and external gen-sets.

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