Klinge’s Deep Freezer Unit handles fixed, mobile duties

Klinge’s Deep Freezer Unit handles fixed, mobile duties

Klinge Corporation now offers a cold storage solution with its Deep Freezer Unit, model NMF-371, for the safe and efficient ultra-low-temperature refrigeration of perishable goods.
Cold storage is provided for refrigerated or deep freeze storage facilities handling seafood, meats, fruits, vegetables, and other perishable goods. The goods are stored at a pre-determined cold temperature to prevent degradation like rotting and insect damage. Cold storage also allows for the year-round distribution of seasonal agricultural goods.
Klinge’s Deep Freezer Unit maintains cargo temperatures from 0° to –60° C (32° to –76° F) and operates in ambient temperatures from –25° to +45° C (-13° to +113° F).
The freezer is a split electrical refrigeration unit for use in a fixed cold room or, if needed, on a 20- or 40-foot ISO container for mobile cold storage.
This freezer unit is extremely versatile as it can transform a room into a cold storage facility. The evaporator section is placed in the pre-isolated room, and the compressor section is located on the outside area.
Unlike other freezer designs, Klinge Corp’s ultra-low temperature storage system contains defrost heat in the evaporator section so heat does not enter the flue. More standard designs allow heat from defrost to enter the container, thereby heating up the container.
Containing the heat from the defrost process in the evaporator section also decreases the amount of time necessary to defrost the coil so the interruption to the blast freezing time is shorter.
At the same time, there is also less residual defrost heat to remove after defrost, meaning the unit can do what it is supposed to do and freeze the product instead of working to remove excess heat. Klinge Corp’s design therefore saves energy and maintains more consistent product temperature throughout the process.
Access www.klingecorp.com for more details.

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