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Log-ic temperature sensors are certified

Intelligent Devices Inc., a subsidiary of Information Mediary Corp (IMC), in partnership with Evidencia LLP and Prodecom, announce that the entire line of Log-ic ThermAssureRF devices have received EN12830, IP68, and COFRAC certifications from the French Institute Cemafroid, a United Nations- and World Health Organization (WHO)-authorized testing and certification laboratory.

Log-ic wireless temperature tags are safe to use on air cargo, support CFR 21 Part 11 systems, and help facilitate optimal control over the pharmaceutical cold chain. They make reading through the box a reality, avoiding breach of content during transport or storage.

Log-ic can process up to 16 million readings per trip. It is offered in calibration ranges from +/-0.25° to +/-1° C, both as single-trip disposable as well as reusable versions. Log-ic tags process all temperature events in real time. Package status, Min/Max temp, MKT, temperature minute histograms and excursions are downloadable in less than 0.5 second via the CertiScan wireless 13.56 MHz RFID reader system.

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