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M-Products employs Purfresh Transport

M-Products employs Purfresh Transport

The exporter M-Products met the quality standards of citrus importers in the United States, the Far East, and Europe by employing Purfresh Transport for marine shipments ranging from 38 to 45 days. Applauding the quality of the Mandarin oranges arriving from South America, importers have requested the continued use of the active cargo protection system from Purfresh.

“As exporters of citrus fruit and fresh berries, we tested Purfresh Transport, and we are very satisfied with the arrival quality of our shipments,” said Rodrigo Martinez of M-Products. “Our exports to the Far East, United States, and Europe have arrived without problems of fungi, rot, and firmness—even after being in transit up to 45 days.”

Based on patent-pending technology, Purfresh Transport is an active cargo protection system that uses an active form of oxygen—commonly referred to as ozone—to kill molds, yeasts, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces by up to 99%, as well as to consume and regulate ethylene levels. Using the clean power of ozone, Purfresh Transport offers the combination of ripening control with 100% residue-free decay prevention and enhanced food safety. Suitable for shipping climacteric and non-climacteric produce, Purfresh Transport delivers a chemical-free approach to extending shelf life, minimizing waste, and maintaining quality of fresh produce during long-range transport.

David Bouchard, general manager, post-harvest and transport solutions for Purfresh, said, “Unlike traditional atmosphere management systems, which are known to be effective for up to 40 days, our Purfresh Transport system constantly monitors the environment inside the container throughout the trip and has been proven to maintain produce freshness during voyages as long as 54 days.”

Purfresh Transport is offered as a per-trip service from most major shipping lines, making it cost-effective for protecting organic or conventional produce including kiwifruit, berries, stone fruit, tropical fruit, avocadoes, melons, and ginger. The Purfresh Transport system is optionally integrated with Intellipur—an informatics service that offers insight into the transportation segment of the food supply chain. Intellipur provides on-trip tracking, monitoring, alerting, and reporting, enabling insight into, and control over, the conditions of produce shipped in refrigerated marine containers.

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