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Monitoring reefer assets from a desktop

SkyBitz, in partnership with StarTrak Systems, is launching the SkyBitz Reefer Control Solution, an affordable refrigeration monitoring and control technology. It enables fleet managers to monitor and manage all their reefer assets from any desktop. By integrating the SkyBitz GLS 210 Mobile Terminal with StarTrak's ReeferTrak module, SkyBitz Reefer Control adds a superior level of visibility to any reefer business.

Partnering with SkyBitz provides StarTrak access to a customer base of more than 450 fleets. StarTrak is also offering SkyBitz's satellite systems to its customers.

Key to the SkyBitz Reefer Control is the ability to offer two-way communication and control with up-to-the-minute microprocessor information. Precise monitoring and real-time control of wireless temperature monitoring protects loads from spoiling. Through the ReeferTrak module, SkyBitz Reefer Control interfaces directly to the microprocessors of reefer units provided by all major manufacturers.

Monitoring of reefer status includes operating state, temperatures, alarms, battery condition, fuel level, and two-way control functionality to change reefer temperature set-point or clear alarms. This advanced functionality is all visible via the SkyBitz website application, InSight.

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