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Murphy Tomatoes uses AiroCide air sanitation

Murphy Tomatoes uses AiroCide air sanitation

KES Science & Technology Inc announced that Murphy Tomatoes is using the NASA-developed AiroCide PPT Food Safety Air Sanitation technology.

Because airborne cross-contamination poses a potential threat to food safety, the chemical-free AiroCide system—which kills airborne mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses and removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—provides added protection to enhance perishable quality assurance programs.

Murphy Tomatoes began more than 60 years ago, when founder Oscar P Murphy selected Arkansas and Texas tomatoes and sold them in the Houston TX area. Today, Murphy Tomatoes is a field-to-fork operation with more than 3,000 combined acres in California, Florida, and Texas. Each tomato is grown, harvested, rinsed, transported, repacked, and distributed under the careful watch of Murphy’s employees.

During summer 2009, Murphy Tomatoes opened a brand-new 30,000-square-foot facility in northeast San Antonio TX, the only facility of its kind in its area. This facility allows Murphy’s to further control safety of its product. The entire facility is climate-controlled, and all produce is treated with an oxidized wash and chlorine treatment. Additionally, AiroCide units throughout the facility purify air and eliminate all airborne pathogens, molds, and ethylene gas.

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The AiroCide technology is not a filtration system. The patented technology, integrated with Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), works in unison to destroy harmful airborne microbes and dismantle VOCs. Clinical studies show a 99%-plus kill rate for microbials and removal of VOCs. The AiroCide technology is a FDA-listed Class II medical device also used by the medical health care industry. AiroCide is energy-efficient, as it was originally designed for the NASA space station program to successfully conduct astroculture experiments that required air free of mold spores and ethylene gas.

AiroCide PPT is manufactured and distributed by Atlanta GA-based KES Science and Technology. For more information, visit or

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