Ozone enhances food safety during shipping, study finds

Ozone enhances food safety during shipping, study finds

Purfresh announced results from recent third-party research that demonstrates ozone’s applicability and effectiveness as a tool to improve the safety of fresh food shipped globally.

The results, from research commissioned by Purfresh and conducted by The National Food Lab, showed that controlled supplementation of ozone, an active form of oxygen, into transportation container conditions was able to kill and control the spread of foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella, by more than 99.997%, Listeria monocytogenes, by more than 99.999%, and E coli O157:H7, by as much as 99.9%.

These results were on both actual fruit and container surface coupons and represent the efficacy of using ozone during transport—which is often the longest segment of the food supply chain—to actively reduce food safety risks.

“Countless studies have proven ozone controls bacteria, molds, yeast, viruses, and ethylene. I believe this study was unique because it showed that ozone is also highly effective at killing harmful bacteria in conditions similar to those found in refrigerated shipping containers,” said Dee M Graham, president of R and D Enterprises.

An estimated 70 million tons of perishables were transported in refrigerated containers in 2009. During transport, with transit times ranging from seven to 50 days, harmful microorganisms can multiply rapidly, putting the food at great risk for contamination and spoilage. Purfresh addresses these risks with its ozone-based Purfresh Transport, an active cargo protection system that has been scientifically engineered to use ozone—a natural, residue-free form of oxygen—to control ripening, reduce decay, and enhance the safety of fresh produce during transport.

Available for use on new and existing refrigerated shipping containers, the patent-pending Purfresh Transport system simply “snaps” into a fan port to integrate with the container’s refrigeration system. Leveraging the existing air flow system, the Purfresh Transport technology delivers precise, low-dose levels of ozone throughout the container—treating the air and surfaces to reduce harmful microorganisms that may lead to both disease and decay. The system actively monitors and adjusts the required ozone levels throughout the voyage based on changes in the condition of the cargo or the atmosphere. Purfresh Transport is available through most major ocean carriers and is offered on as a per-trip service.

For more information, visit www.purfresh.com.

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