Purfresh supports USDA crop research initiative

Purfresh has announced its support of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Specialty Crop Research Initiative. The company is backing the project, titled “Increasing Consumption of Specialty Crops by Enhancing Quality and Safety,” through a donation of equipment, software technology, and technical expertise.

The project, led by the University of California–Davis and the University of Florida with collaboration by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, aims to help producers of fresh fruits and vegetables remove post-harvest impediments that keep consistently great-tasting produce from being marketed. The goal of the project is to show how fresh fruits and vegetables with enhanced flavor can be successfully handled, without compromising food safety, so as to improve consumer satisfaction.

In support of the program, Purfresh has installed a Purfresh Cold Storage system, equipped with Intellipur informatics software, as well as lab equipment at the University of California–Davis. Purfresh also will donate up to five Purfresh Transport systems and contribute technical support for the three-year project in order to demonstrate how new technologies can help deliver fresher and better-tasting fresh produce to consumers without the use of traditional chemicals.

Used by growers, packers, and shippers worldwide, Purfresh Cold Storage and Purfresh Transport have been engineered to continuously deliver low-concentration doses of ozone into refrigerated environments, providing protection while leaving the product’s taste, texture, and smell characteristics in their natural state. The systems are equipped with Intellipur online informatics, an information service that includes environmental sensing, web-based monitoring, alerting, data reporting, and analysis along with remote control and diagnostics.

For more information, visit www.purfresh.com.

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