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Purfresh Transport handles sensitive produce well

Purfresh Transport handles sensitive produce well

Purfresh announced results of a series of studies and trials demonstrating that Purfresh Transport makes ocean transit a viable option for highly sensitive produce shipped worldwide. Purfresh Transport provides a combination of ripening control with 100% residue-free decay prevention and enhanced food safety.

An ozone-based, active atmosphere management system, Purfresh Transport constantly monitors and dynamically manages the environment inside a refrigerated container throughout its voyage—providing the ability to ship even highly sensitive fruits and vegetables long distances. Using powerful ozone molecules to kill molds, yeasts, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces, the system controls decay without impacting the product’s natural characteristics.

As demonstrated in the series of studies and trials, improvements in the quality of sensitive produce using Purfresh Transport were significant:

Mangoes: Purfresh performed a simulated transport of fresh Mexican mangoes from United States to Australia—a 22-day voyage—to validate whether ozone-based active atmosphere technology would effectively maintain freshness and quality during an extended ocean voyage. Mangoes stored in the Purfresh active atmosphere environment remained firmer than regular atmosphere (RA), and 50% of mangoes stored in the Purfresh atmosphere were rated as “firm” whereas only 17% of those stored in RA were classified as “firm.” In addition, the Purfresh technology effectively controlled mold compared with the RA environment.

Papayas: A trial was conducted using the Purfresh Transport technology to ship papayas from Ecuador to Holland. After the 18-day transit, no visual mold or decay was present on the papayas. In addition, the papayas remained firm and were fresh and shiny in appearance.

Ginger: The company performed a study that simulated the transport of fresh ginger on a four-week voyage. No incidence of visual mold was present on the ginger stored in the Purfresh active atmosphere container for the entire experiment, compared with 58% of the ginger stored in RA showing visible signs of mold. The ginger in the active atmosphere environment experienced 33% less internal discoloration versus ginger stored in the RA environment.

Cherries: Purfresh undertook a study to determine whether Purfresh Transport could be used in conjunction with modified atmosphere (MA) bags to keep cherries fresh during long-range ocean voyages. The 25-day simulated transport of Bing cherries showed that the Purfresh Transport environment experienced 44% less incidence of mold compared with the RA environment.

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