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Reflect Scientific wins award for Cryometrix CB-40

Reflect Scientific Inc, a provider of energy-efficient, zero-emission cooling products for the transportation industry and other cold chain management markets, received the award for most innovative products at Utah’s Green Business Awards held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City UT. The award recognizes companies, communities, and individuals in Utah making strides in environmental sustainability.

The Reflect Scientific refrigeration product (Cryometrix CB-40) for the trucking industry replaces polluting diesel units. With a potential market of 350,000 refrigerated trucks in the United States, millions of pounds of pollutants could be kept from entering the air. The patented liquid nitrogen refrigeration serves as a platform technology and is also used in ultra-low-temperature freezers for the biotechnology industry and server room cooling systems in the computer industry.

While accepting the award, Kim Boyce, chief executive officer of Reflect Scientific, said, “It is a real honor to share the stage with such well-known companies as Boeing, Marriott’s, L-3 Communications, Rio Tinto/Kennecott, and Sundance Resort. Reflect Scientific is following in their exemplary environmental stewardship and is doing its part to reduce the environmental impact that fossil fuels create.”

Based in Orem UT, Reflect Scientific develops and markets innovative, proprietary technologies in cryogenic cooling, imaging, and optics for the transportation, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, and industrial markets. Among its products are refrigerated containers for laboratory and transportation uses, low-temperature freezers, and imaging and quality inspection systems. For more information, visit

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