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SenGenuity TempTrackr wireless measurement

SenGenuity, the Sensors division of Vectron International, has announced the TempTrackr Wireless Temperature Measurement Solution, designed to provide users of the passive (no power/battery required) and wireless TFSS433D family of surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors with mobility, portability, robustness, and performance for real-time in-process temperature sensing applications. It facilitates rapid temperature data visualization and acquisition from the process engineer to quality control personnel, while providing system integrators and OEMs a platform for customization.

The TempTrackr kit includes four passive wireless temperature sensors capable of reading temperatures between 0 and 120 degrees C from a maximum interrogation distance of 70 inches. Wireless sensors are powered by bursts of RF emitted by a wireless interrogator that excite SAW resonators within each sensor. A feedback signal conditioned by the temperature is then created by the resonator and fed back electromagnetically to the wireless interrogator using the same antenna set.

TempTrackr can be used with any of SenGenuity’s TFSS433D wireless temperature sensors that use robust and reliable semiconductor technology and are installed in challenging applications. The kit includes four passively operated TFSS433D sensors with four dipole antennas for each of the sensors. Also included is a wireless interrogator with its own dipole antenna, accompanied with a USB connector to facilitate connectivity to any computer for data visualization and acquisition.

Phone (603) 578-4066 or visit for more information.

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