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Sensitech offers TempTale4 multi-alarm monitors

Sensitech’s new TempTale4 (TT4) multi-alarm temperature monitors offer a highly advanced and flexible range of configurable alarm options to help mitigate risk in the global supply chain by allowing for more precise, targeted monitoring of temperature-sensitive products.

An advanced, multi-alarm design lets users program up to six independent time-and-temperature alarm thresholds, providing increased flexibility. This design was developed to help reduce the overall number of potential temperature excursions that can occur across the supply chain. Allowing users to monitor for “allowable” temperature excursions during storage, handling, and distribution of temperature-sensitive products enhances their ability to minimize risk and ensure product safety and quality.

The multi-alarm feature is provided in two models of TT4 monitors: a standard TT4 version and a TT4 USB version. The standard TT4 version provides TT4 users the flexibility of setting multiple time-and-temperature alarms, while simultaneously leveraging investments in software and hardware infrastructure. The TT4 USB version provides the same flexible alarm configuration options, with added benefits of a standard USB interface and a PDF-formatted time-and-temperature report to help facilitate the shipment disposition process at receiving sites worldwide. Programmable time-and-temperature alarm thresholds can be set to any combination of four alarm types: a single-temperature alarm limit, a user-defined alarm range with a lower and upper temperature limit, a dual alarm range tied to the same time threshold, and a time-only alarm threshold.

TT4 monitors can be downloaded into either Sensitech’s TempTale Manager Desktop 7.0 software or Internet-enabled ColdStream Cold Chain Manager application for viewing, reporting, printing, and archiving of recorded shipment data. These monitors are available with up to six programmable alarm settings and multiple LCD display options, 16,000 data point storage capacity, and a National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) certificate of validation. A hardware validation manual is available upon request to assist companies with internal validation documentation requirements.

Sensitech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carrier Corporation, a business unit of United Technologies Corp (NYSE: UTX). Visit or for more information.

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