ShockWatch TempMark 8 monitor ready for distribution

ShockWatch has made available for distribution its TempMark 8 temperature monitor. TempMark 8 merges industry demands for ascending and descending temperature monitoring with eight temperature thresholds and incorporates recording functionalities to provide critical exposure data to manufacturers, handlers, and receivers.

By incorporating multiple pre-programmed alarm conditions both above and below a shipment’s temperature limits and monitoring the shipment as it is transported, TempMark 8 empowers its users with increased knowledge about shipping conditions and product safety.

For 90 days after activation, the TempMark 8 system is capable of displaying the total number of excursions per threshold, length of the longest excursion, and cumulative duration of all excursions throughout transport. With an accuracy of ± 0.5° C, TempMark 8 is ideal for temperature-sensitive materials such as vaccines and pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceutical products, and chemicals. It can also be used for non-pharmaceutical applications including frozen, refrigerated, and fresh food shipping; live plant and animal shipping; or electronic components and products.

TempMark 8 uses an eight-temperature threshold monitoring system to track and report a product’s temperature conditions during shipping. An intuitive counter displayed in an LCD panel on the front of the device enables anyone who comes into contact with the monitor to quickly assess which thresholds were exceeded during shipping, as well as how many times it happened in order to determine any damage.

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