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ShockWatch Tilt & Roll monitors cargo at sea

Ocean waves can be some of the most destructive forces in nature, and even the slightest turbulence can cause a ship’s cargo to barrel out of control. Luckily, ShockWatch has an answer for harsh movements on the high seas.

While ShockWatch cannot control the waves that go crashing into an ocean liner, its new Tilt & Roll technology can monitor the effects on a shipment during ocean travel. With the new Tilt & Roll accessory for the ShockLog Impact Recorder, information regarding the degree of tilt and sway can be measured, recorded, and analyzed to determine the potential for product damage.

The Tilt & Roll accessory is a key addition to the overall ShockWatch damage prevention portfolio, providing the next step in data collection, information analysis, accountability, and confidence. It is compatible with the ShockLog RD298 recorder. Using its own power source and transmitting recordings to the memory of the ShockLog unit, Tilt & Roll extends the usefulness of the ShockLog product line. It helps companies record their transit environment and make informed decisions about potentially damaging events.

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