Simplex truck curtains help save cool cash

AirBlock Refrigerated Truck Curtains from Simplex Isolation Systems maintain desired temperatures inside refrigerated and insulated trailers, even in the hottest weather. They eliminate the loss of cold air during entry and exit and cut the run time on a refrigeration unit by as much as 50%, reducing fuel costs, equipment replacement, and maintenance costs.

Experience less produce shrinkage, thawing of frozen foods, and preserve the freshness of dairy products. AirBlock Refrigerated Truck Curtains install easily and come with all necessary hardware, including side-mount brackets for roll-up doors. Simplex's patented mounting systems hold up under heavy use.

A second set of curtains can also be mounted inside the trailer to create colder interior spaces. This can create frozen food areas in trailers, while providing for other portions of the trailer that can accommodate produce, meats, and cheeses and dairy that only require varying degrees of refrigeration.

Simplex curtains are made from virgin vinyl compounds, UV-stabilized to prevent yellowing, cracking, or curling. Access to learn more.

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