ThermaFreeze forms new subsidiary

ThermaFreeze Products Corporation, maker of refrigerant products for use in commercial shipment of perishables and as a consumer compress and chiller product, announced the formation of a majority-owned subsidiary named American Diversified Medical Corporation (ADM).

This unit will offer products and services to the alternate site healthcare space, specifically homecare and clinics outside of the hospital environment and veterinarian market. ThermaFreeze and ADM plan to announce a portfolio of new therapeutic products called ThermaTherapeutics, based on ThermaFreeze technology, over the coming months.

“The patented polymers we utilize allow our products to enjoy some unique attributes that make them perfect for many healthcare and therapeutic applications. Our products ship to our customers in a ‘dry’ format at minimal shipping costs,” said Rich Bolton, chairman of ThermaFreeze. “When hydrated and frozen, ThermaFreeze stays colder than ice for a significantly longer period, and unlike ice, remains flexible when frozen.

“Additionally, because ThermaFreeze can be both frozen and heated, it has the unique property of being both a cold compress and a heat therapy device,” he said. “We believe there are dozens of uses within the medical community for our unique technology. The formation of ADM is specifically designed to exploit this market opportunity.”

ThermaFreeze’s goal in the creation of ADM is to provide products and services that reduce the cost of providing health care and to bring to market ways to avoid hospital admissions and emergency room visits.

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