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Thermo King introduces Rail Ready units

Thermo King, a business unit of Ingersoll Rand, has introduced SB-210RR+ and SB-310RR+ refrigerated rail units at the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) Expo in Fort Lauderdale FL. The company developed the refrigerated rail units for optimized reliability, performance, fuel efficiency, and cargo protection.

In addition, longer battery life, 65-amp alternators, electronic door switches, and protection packages help safeguard the refrigeration units from damage in transit.

The larger SB-310RR+ refrigerated rail unit contains a specially tuned engine and more Btu capacity than the SB-210RR+ unit. Option packages allow for upgraded alternators, improved telematics, and depending on the package, either noise-dampening technology or curb-side exhaust extenders.

Both Rail Ready units rely on an Electronic Throttling Valve (ETV), which uses a microprocessor to help trailers reach optimum temperature faster while conserving fuel. The ETV eliminates temperature spikes for extended product life and helps provide worry-free operation for long-distance, unattended travel. They also include a rail-specific heavy-duty fuel processor system to help increase performance and prevent breakdowns. Sensors also monitor fuel levels and reduce cost call charges.

Increased unattended transit only escalates the importance of monitoring and tracking units remotely. TracKing telematics—offered as part of the options package—monitors everything typically visible from the ground, including whether the unit is on or off, if doors are open or closed, fuel levels, alarm codes, and temperature. It also can be used to ensure that the unit isn’t running too early. Rail Ready units support remote two-way communications from third-party providers as well as the TracKing temperature management system.

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