Thermo King offers new products at MATS

Thermo King offers new products at MATS

Thermo King introduced innovative new products at the recent Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville KY. These innovations drive energy and operational efficiency for owners and operators by lowering costs and increasing efficiency, sustainability, uptime, and quality.

TracKingfeaturing WiFi technology—Thermo King is introducing the industry’s first dual-mode cellular/WiFi monitoring systems in June 2012. This updated TracKing unit allows users to save cellular communication costs and increase efficiency while increasing uptime by using WiFi when available. TracKing is a web-based asset management system that provides the ability to remotely monitor and track untethered refrigerated units in a fleet.

TracKing with WiFi offers the option to use WiFi to monitor units in a yard, pre-cool them, download temperature data, and upload temperature profiles. When the truck leaves the yard, TracKing automatically switches back to cellular mode for over-the-road monitoring.

CargoLink wireless sensors—A new line of reliable, easy-to-install CargoLink wireless door sensors save money, reduce maintenance, and offer increased load protection. The sensors communicate to the refrigeration unit to shut off when the door is open, thereby reducing fuel and maintenance costs and providing load quality protection.

Users can combine these wireless sensors with TracKing telematics to maximize control and visibility of load quality parameters. Because there are no wires to route through the trailer or truck body, the wireless sensors can be installed in minutes. The wireless sensor system is designed to grow with businesses and adapt to future technologies. The CargoLink system is designed to expand up to 32 sensors.

SB-230 with Smooth Air Blower—The SB-230 with Smooth Air Blower evaporator requires 24% less power than previous generation blower assemblies. This allows customers to increase energy and operational efficiency of their single- and multi-temperature refrigeration units while lowering fuel and operating costs and minimizing driver involvement with the refrigeration units.

The Smooth Air Blower comes standard on Spectrum multi-temperature refrigeration units and SB-30 series single-temperature refrigeration units, including the SB-130, SB-230, and SB-330. It can also be retrofitted on SB and SB+ units to receive the same benefits and fuel savings.

TriPac system—The TriPac is a battery-based electric auxiliary power unit for Class 8 sleeper cabs that provides quiet, clean heating and cooling without idling the tractor engine. The TriPac system is California Air Resources Board (CARB)-exempt and delivers significant fuel savings and zero emissions (in non-heat modes). Because the tractor engine is not running, users can increase maintenance intervals.

Fuel filtration system—An enhanced fuel filtration system included on the SB-30 series is expected to save the average 500-vehicle fleet $100,000 in annual fuel-related maintenance expenses. The system allows operators to eliminate unnecessary downtime by extending the life of the primary filter, the inlet screen and the reefer engine. It can also be retrofitted on any existing unit to provide the same filtration benefits.

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