Thermo Kingrsquos new S700 is a deep frozen refrigeration unit that was designed with an allnew diesel direct electric architecture

Thermo King’s new S-700 is a deep frozen refrigeration unit that was designed with an all-new diesel direct electric architecture.

Thermo King’s new S-700 handles deep frozen cargoes

THERMO KING introduced its new Precedent S-700 trailer refrigeration unit during the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the latest in a new product lineup that will replace the SB series of trailer refrigeration units by 2015.

The S-700 is Thermo King’s only deep frozen refrigeration unit with shore power capabilities. The new Precedent Series—which includes the S-600 and C-600 products—is compliant with the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier IV final emissions standards, and the S-700 and S-600 units are the only evergreen California Air Resources Board (CARB)-compliant units in the industry.

The Precedent platform employs an all-new diesel direct electric (DDE) architecture using a Yanmar diesel motor rated at greater than 25 horsepower. The engine requires no additional diesel particulate filters or engine emissions systems to meet the EPA and CARB standards. An innovative fuel injection system delivers the optimal fuel injection at exactly the right time to control particulate matter emissions within the engine cylinders.

“Our evergreen solution meets the strictest requirements of the Tier IV requirements, which means customers won’t have to invest in costly compliance solutions down the road,” said Paul Barbaro, Thermo King long haul portfolio leader. “The Yanmar engine delivers double-digit fuel efficiency gains in the mid-teens.”

The engine is directly coupled to Thermo King’s new X40P reciprocating compressor that was designed specifically for the extreme demands of truck and trailer transport temperature control applications. Direct coupling of the engine and compressor ensures the most efficient transfer of power.

Also contributing to overall system efficiency is Precedent’s belt-driven permanent magnet generator. An improved layout means the engineered rubber belt is shorter and was designed to last at least 12,000 hours.

Dual extra-large micro channel condenser coils give Precedent superior high ambient performance and improved pull-down to reduce run time and save fuel. Dual electrically controlled condenser fans provide the flexibility to manage engine load over a broad range of operating conditions.

The Precedent platform offers a full-width evaporator, providing maximum coil surface area and performance. The centralized air discharge ensures optimal air delivery to the trailer. A dual-speed evaporator fan can provide maximum air flow at both low and high engine speeds.

Thermo King’s new SR-4 controller gives the Precedent series an enhanced user interface that combines Thermo King’s REB embedded telematics communication platform and web-based TracKing application. The REB platform enables multiple remote features as well as the ability to remotely upgrade multiple refrigeration units simultaneously.   ♦

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