‘Wireless computer on a sticker’ debuts

Axcess International Inc. is offering the industry’s first Smart Wireless Sticker. It provides automatic item identification, locating, tracking, protecting, data logging, and condition sensing for items from up to 1,000 feet away at a cost of less than $10 each.

The "wireless computer on a sticker" combines traditional bar codes, Electronic Product Code (EPC) radio frequency identification (RFID), long-range RFID tracking, and wireless sensing in a small electronic label easily adhered to most any object. It is designed to enhance data management in product manufacturing, product automatic identification in shipping, automatic inventory and protection of enterprise assets, and visibility into the condition of perishables and pharmaceuticals throughout the shipping process.

This sticker provides advantages including:

· Ease of programming electronically.

· Easy adherence to vehicle, items, boxes, and assets.

· Simultaneous communication with multiple standards-based infrastructures.

· Tamper resistance and re-usability, if needed.

· Storing data and transmitting in real time over a low-cost wireless network.

· Storing and forwarding user-defined programmable information.

· Waking up and sending alerts at designated temperature ranges.

· Pinpointing where perishables went bad to assign accountability.

Visit www.axcessinc.com for further information.

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