Ancra Skate Loader extends automation onto docks, into trailers

Ancra Skate Loader extends automation onto docks, into trailers

Automation and the efficiencies it brings already permeate manufacturing and warehouse operations in Europe and North America.

With equipment like Ancra System’s Skate Loader, pallets can be loaded automatically on the system, or placed on the system via forklift for one-shot loading that takes only minutes. Now, North American trucking and material handling sectors can extend the advantages of automation to docks and into trailers.

One of two systems that require no trailer-mounted equipment interface, the Skate Loader can load any standard trailer. Once the trailer is at the dock, it automatically orients itself to the parked trailer’s height and position, and the system adjusts as needed while the load enters the trailer.

The Skate Loader rolls across the empty floor, extending itself the full length of the trailer before smoothly depositing its load of palletized cargo. It enables users to gain the advantages of an automatic truck (un)loading systems (ATLS), without any need to upfit or retrofit trailers.

This particular system uses a computerized scanner to make horizontal and vertical adjustment to fit the trailer height and position.

Loading itself takes only a few minutes, and even with the time it takes to adjust, the total load cycle time of this system is only eight minutes. More basic systems like a chain system require much less cycle time (three minutes).

Click here to see a video of the system in operation.

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