Brigade Electronics radar retection devices

Backsense radar safety systems detect people, objects even in harsh conditions

Commercial vehicle drivers often have to maneuver into tight spaces, as well as interact with other road users and pedestrians in congested traffic. The complex shape and size of many vehicles means drivers have to deal with a number of blind spots.

Technology to assist drivers to avoid collisions with both obstacles and people is becoming more sophisticated. Brigade Electronics Inc has been pioneering a range of systems to warn and help drivers navigate hidden dangers, protecting workers and road users alike.

“We’ve worked hard to develop technology that helps drivers, who are already highly skilled, to be even safer and assist them with not only eliminating blind spots but doing this in difficult conditions and tough terrain,” said Corey Heniser of Brigade Electronics. “For example, our Backsense radar obstacle detection can detect both people and objects in blind spots even in harsh conditions, such as fog or snowfall, and provide the driver with the distances between the vehicle and nearby obstacles, whether they’re moving or stationary.”

Backsense heavy-duty radar sensor systems detect stationary and moving objects, providing the driver with in-cab visual and audible warnings—alerting the operator whose attention cannot be focused on all danger areas. These obstacle detection sensors work effectively in harsh environments and in poor visibility including darkness, smoke and fog.

Radar sensors are available in fixed detection range models and fully programmable models.

Backsense radar uses Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology, transmitting a continuously varying radar frequency signal with unique time stamps to each instance of the wave. The time of the returning wave is referenced to the stamp without the radar needing to pause transmitting. This gives more accurate detection than alternative radar products using Pulsed Radar technology that transmits a burst of radar and then listens for the returning wave.

Provided in three pre-set width and length models, Backsense is a fully programmable radar, allowing complete control of the radar beam pattern and detection area. Spread and length of the beam can be set to the width of your vehicle or beyond. This ranges from a width of 2 to 10 meters (6.5 to 33 feet) and a length of 3 to 30 meters (10 to 98 feet).

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