Bendix engineers ADB22X-LT brake specifically for trailers

Bendix engineers ADB22X-LT brake specifically for trailers

Offering increased payload capacity, improved fuel efficiency, and shortened maintenance time, the new Bendix ADB22X-LT—the first Bendix air disc brake engineered specifically for trailers—is available to the North American commercial vehicle market. Bendix unveiled the ADB22X-LT in conjunction with Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company, the first builder to offer the new brake.

The ADB22X-LT offers a robust, optimal braking solution capable of meeting a wide range of trailer needs. It advances the design of the Bendix ADB22X air disc brake. Like the ADB22X model for tractors and trailers, the ADB22X-LT—exclusively for trailers—is produced by Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB).

With a 23,000-pound brake rating, the Bendix ADB22X-LT weighs 40 pounds per tandem axle lighter than its companion Bendix ADB22X air disc brake. Lighter wheel-ends deliver increased payload capacity and value for trailers—such as refrigerated units—particularly sensitive to brake weight. Lighter weight wheel-ends can also help a fleet significantly improve its overall fuel efficiency.

The ADB22X-LT brake features a new pad with 8% more wearable volume and up to a 40% improvement in wear rate. This new pad meets the US Environmental Protection Agency’s 2021 Copper-Free Brake Initiative requirements. In addition to the new pad, the new adjustment mechanism also supports longer service life by improving pad life and further reducing risk of brake drag.

Air disc brakes like the ADB22X-LT offer quicker pad replacement than foundation drum brakes, combined with longer brake lining life, car-like feel, and straight, stable stops. Since air disc brake pad friction is not riveted like drum brake friction, rust jacking is not an issue. A virtual absence of brake fade or degradation of stopping power increases reliability. The brake’s internal self-adjustment mechanism can help lower the risk of brakes being found out of adjustment during inspection, which can affect Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scoring.

The Bendix ADB22X-LT offers the same five-year warranty as the ADB22X air disc brake.

For more information, call 1-800-AIR-BRAKE or access

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