BioTurbo technology rids fruit of contamination, stops ethylene spoilage

BioTurbo technology rids fruit of contamination, stops ethylene spoilage

Fruit cross-contamination and ethylene exposure in limited storage space are no longer challenges, according to technology provider Miatech Inc.

Gold Anda, a produce distributor in China, has found an effective solution for keeping diverse fruits in limited storage space while avoiding cross-contamination and spoilage due to ethylene, thus protecting the quality and price.

The company was facing a problem of having too many types of fruits and vegetables stored in just two separate rooms. These rooms allowed the customer to store at two different temperatures, but it did not fully address ethylene concerns or cross-contamination issues.

Cross-contamination, ethylene exposure, and odor respiration are common challenges for fruit importers and distributors that have to store many types of commodities in one storage room, especially if it is not a large facility.

The presence of ethylene in cold rooms significantly reduces storage life of commodities as it causes changes in texture and color as well as premature decay. Airborne pathogens spread very fast from infected fruits to storage room air, contacting unblemished fruits leaving them unsuitable for sale.

In order to solve these issues, Gold Anda installed in both cold rooms Miatech’s BioTurbo, a patented technology for eliminating ethylene and airborne pathogens from the air.

“Big ethylene producers like apples and pears cause challenges for ethylene-sensitive products like grapes. When space limitations require them to be stored together, the BioTurbo can ease the situation,” said Chris Cui, Gold Anda’s sales manager.

“We noticed immediately that the fruit smell in both rooms had been reduced and over time we also noticed that the product stayed fresher for longer, resulting in much less throwaway,” said Cui.

In this particular case, the company would have had to build more rooms in order to alleviate the problem, but the BioTurbo was able to save them the expense of additional construction.

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