DuraTherm PLUS+ assures payload temps stay in six-degree range

DuraTherm PLUS+ assures payload temps stay in six-degree range

ACH Foam Technologies announces DuraTherm PLUS+, an advanced cold chain shipping solution that assures payload temperatures remain between 2° to 8 Celsius for a 24-hour delivery window.

Validated to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 7D standards, DuraTherm PLUS+ is available in summer and winter profiles to accommodate off-the-shelf seasonal packout solutions for pharmaceuticals and other products with acute temperature sensitivity.

“The ISTA’s validation of DuraTherm PLUS+ sets a high benchmark and will provide customers great confidence in their product’s protection during shipment,” said Frank Kiesecker, senior vice-president–sales and marketing with ACH Foam Technologies.

ISTA’s rigorous testing assures that product temperatures can be controlled within a very narrow range for up to 24 hours. DuraTherm PLUS+ is also pre-qualified to ISTA 7E for summer and winter profiles. A key facet of DuraTherm PLUS+’s ability to maintain near-constant temperatures is the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam cooler core, which offers superior insulation properties.

ACH Foam Technologies’ laboratory-developed packaging kit includes the DuraTherm PLUS+ cooler, inner payload packaging, gel pack refrigerants, outer corrugated shipping box and precise packout instructions.

Available in four sizes, ACH Foam Technologies will produce DuraTherm PLUS+ in five of its eight plants across the United States, allowing for cost-effective shipping to any US location. ACH Foam Technologies manufactures cold chain and protective packaging to architectural insulation and industrial applications.

Access www.achfoam.com for more information.

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