Exide GNB Tubular lift truck battery family gains a new member

Exide GNB Tubular lift truck battery family gains a new member

Exide Technologies has introduced its new GNB branded Tubular CMX (conventional maintenance) battery line for motive power applications.

The conventional maintenance tubular product completes the trio of batteries in the GNB Tubular battery family—all built with heavy-duty, tubular plates. Engineered for heavy-duty performance, the round-tube technology of the batteries provides for lower internal resistances than square-tube designs.

The new GNB Tubular CMX is designed to deliver premium, cost-efficient power for everyday, conventional use and is available in 85 amp-hour (Ah) and 125 Ah ratings. These features integrated into the new Tubular CMX battery design are intended to help lift truck operators increase productivity and uptime:

•Delivers more consistent and reliable power than equivalent volume flat-plate batteries

•Enhanced grid design supplies higher energy efficiency

•Increased positive spine diameter provides longer life and greater efficiency

•Improved separator technology boosts vibration protection

•Approved for opportunity charging applications

The GNB Tubular CMX joins the recently launched LMX (low maintenance) line, engineered to minimize end-user maintenance costs by allowing longer, 90-day intervals between watering, and the GNB Tubular HP (High Performance) line, designed to deliver the highest power and energy levels for longer runs, even in extreme (cold storage) environments.  Along with the GNB Tubular CMX, these low-maintenance, high-density batteries maintain higher voltages and operate with longer run times.

Manufactured at the Exide facility in Kansas City KS, the GNB Tubular product family is supported by a standard five-year full warranty and a one-year, prorated warranty.

More information is available at www.exide.com or at 1-888-563-6300.

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