FilesThruTheAir app lets Android devices monitor Wi-Fi sensors remotely

FilesThruTheAir app lets Android devices monitor Wi-Fi sensors remotely

FilesThruTheAir has launched its new, easy-to-use FilesThruTheAir app, enabling users to control and monitor their Wi-Fi sensors from any Android device.

The new app extends cloud access and visibility to any user on-the-go, delivering an enhanced user experience with features otherwise unavailable via the traditional mobile web interface.

Expanding its cloud-enabled environmental monitoring system to millions of smartphones and tablets, the new Android mobile app allows users to change the settings of any device on the cloud, instantly monitor logged temperature and humidity via the FilesThruTheAir cloud infrastructure, view alarms and notifications, and set favorite sensors to allow quick access to data from key loggers.

David Ing, engineering manager at Corintech, said, “By giving users the freedom to access, manage, and analyze their information via their mobiles and tablets, the new app introduces a whole new dimension to modern data logging—free from wires and PCs. Mobile is today the norm in technology, and I’m pleased we’re now able to give our users this powerful, flexible option.”

Free to download, the app allows users to see a concise overview of the connected sensors recent readings, or conduct more in-depth analysis through graphs of historic data.

The app can be downloaded for Android devices. For further information, see

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