FilesThruTheAir line of WiFi sensors gains two dual-temp products

FilesThruTheAir line of WiFi sensors gains two dual-temp products

Corintech has introduced two new products to the FilesThruTheAir line of WiFi temperature and humidity sensors. The WiFi-DTP+ and the WiFi-DTC  bring dual-channel temperature options to their range of advanced remote data loggers.
The WiFi-DTP+ is a high-accuracy WiFi temperature probe data logger with dual channels, meaning that it can measure two independent temperatures simultaneously. The WiFi-DTP+ is supplied with two external thermistor temperature probes, each with a measurement range of –40 to +125° C (–40 to +257° F). A resolution of 0.01° C and accuracy of ±0.2° C (–15 to +80° F), make this sensor ideal for users looking to reduce measuring costs as they’ll only need one sensor to take two measurements.
The other new dual-channel product is designed for users with broader temperature ranges to measure. The WiFi-DTC thermocouple data logger has a measurement range of –270 to +1300° C (–454 to +2372° F) and is supplied with two K-type thermocouple probes. The sensor’s integral thermocouple connectors accommodate J, K, N, or T type thermocouples, giving users flexibility to use their own thermocouple probes.
Both units wirelessly stream data via WiFi to either a host PC or the FilesThruTheAir Cloud, where the latest temperatures can be viewed and analyzed remotely from any Internet-enabled device. The FilesThruTheAir Cloud also allows the user to view historical sensor data, create and view high and low alarms, and update sensor settings remotely. In case the WiFi network becomes temporarily disconnected or the unit is out of range, both new sensors will store up to a quarter of a million readings internally, and sync with the Cloud when connection is restored.
Both devices are ideal for use within a variety of commercial and industrial sectors such as the food and beverage industry and facilities management. Popular dual channel applications include:
•Measurement of temperature gradients within ovens, chillers, or freezers
•Monitoring of multiple zones in commercial refrigerators
•Tracking of two locations in a warehouse or multiple ducts in a building’s HVAC system
Contact the FilesThruTheAir sales team at +44-1425-65-1111 or go to for further information.
FilesThruTheAir is a trademark of electronics specialist Lascar Electronics. Access for further information.

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