Graphing thermocouple logger allows recording on up to 16 channels

Graphing thermocouple logger allows recording on up to 16 channels

CAS DataLoggers and T&D have announced another new datalogging product—the MCR-4TC graphing thermocouple logger.
This four-channel, battery-operated temperature data logger can couple with up to three additional units to allow for up to 16 synchronized channels. That includes coupling with the new MCR-4V voltage data logger, which will allow for simultaneous sampling of both temperature and voltage. A large-capacity internal memory and auto data export to SD card allow extended recording.
Applications include temperature management of refrigerated/frozen goods, recording temperatures in pipes and ducts, and monitoring boiler temperatures. Complete with a large logging capacity, this new product will soon be available from CAS DataLoggers.
T&D’s multichannel temperature recorder supports Type J, K, R, S, and T thermocouples providing for an extremely wide measurement range from –270° to +1760° C (–454° to 3200° F). The clear display indicates measurements including trend graph and battery level. These data loggers are designed with an easy-to-use touch panel for carrying out operations such as changing various settings. The trend graphing feature lets users check data in real time on the logger’s LCD display while in the field.
By coupling up to four MCR-4TC thermocouple and MCR-4V voltage data loggers together, it is possible to simultaneously measure record temperature and/or voltage up to 16 channels. When logging on one channel, up to 960,000 data readings can be recorded—ideal for collecting data over extended periods of time. The datalogger can be set for a single channel to sample at up to a 10-hertz rate and features electrical isolation between channels.
Users can select between immediate or programmed start and choose to record in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. The data logger is battery-operated on two AA alkaline batteries so users can measure and record even when electricity is unavailable.
Besides using the logger’s USB connection to access recorded data directly on PC, users can also save the data into an optional SD flash memory card and afterward transfer it to the PC.
T&D graph software allows the user to read larger numbers of recorded data files into the same graph, merge data, and view/save data in different ways. Users can apply new features such as inserting shapes and posting comments and/or memos on the displayed graph. It’s easy to directly download recorded data stored on the free T&D WebStorage Service.
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