Purkeys sine wave inverter

Invert Pure Sine uses DynaBalance technology to address truck power needs

With so many power inverter options available for big rigs, the trucking industry has become saturated with inverters that provide power to drivers without fully covering the needs of the truck. Purkeys’ new pure sine wave inverter, however, balances the needs of the driver with the needs of the truck using patent-pending DynaBalance monitoring technology.

“The problem with most inverters,” said Dale Henningson, Purkeys’ chief research engineer, “is that they either shut off way too late so the truck can’t start, or way too early so the driver doesn’t get the power they need. The Invert Pure Sine uses DynaBalance to address both issues by monitoring the battery state of charge, even under load, rather than just the voltage.”

Purkeys’ DynaBalance technology is housed within a control module remotely connected by a cable to the inverter unit. The controller continuously monitors the truck batteries’ state of charge and displays how much power is available for the driver to use.

This technology allows the control module to give drivers the maximum amount of battery power possible. Once it senses the state of charge has reached a programmable, predetermined set point, it will shut the inverter off to ensure the truck batteries are still able to crank the engine.

“Basically, our inverters come with a brain,” said Henningson, “so that the fleet doesn’t have to worry about their trucks needing road calls because of dead batteries.”

This pure sine wave inverter was designed to protect the truck while keeping drivers happy. It will be available in 1,500- and 2,000-watt versions.

 For more information, call a Purkeys representative at 1-800-219-1269 or go to www.purkeys.net.

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