J J Keller reports its E-Log solution requires only a minor tune-up

J J Keller reports its E-Log solution requires only a minor tune-up

After review of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rule that mandates the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) by December 2017, J J Keller  & Associates Inc has announced that its E-Log solution will require only minor software updates to comply with the new rule.

“We are pleased to see that FMCSA has expressly allowed the use of mobile devices for E-Logging, which J J Keller views as critical to providing a low-cost and flexible option,” said Rustin Keller, J J Keller’s executive vice-president and chief operating officer. “We believe we can adjust to the rule with software updates alone, and our current ELD will not need any hardware changes. This will allow our customers to use the equipment they have, with no costly swap-outs.”

The J J Keller Encompass E-Log system is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android smart devices, allowing fleets an affordable bring-your-own-device option.

With the J J Keller Mobile E-Log app installed, the driver’s smart device communicates via Bluetooth with the J J Keller ELD. Fleets can also choose to use the J J Keller Compliance Tablet that has a dedicated E-Log app.

Since its beginning as a one-man consulting firm in 1953, J J Keller has grown to now serve more than 420,000 customers. The company’s subject-matter expertise spans nearly 1,500 topics, and its solutions include E-Logs and mobile technology; training via online courses, streaming video, or DVD; online management tools; managed services; consulting services; online and print publications; forms; and supplies.

For more information, see www.JJKeller.com, www.JJKellerELogs.com, and www.JJKellerservices.com.

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