Lascar provides WiFi thermocouple temperature data logging sensor

Lascar provides WiFi thermocouple temperature data logging sensor

Lascar Electronics has launched a thermocouple version of its EL-WiFi series of remote data loggers.
Supplied with a K-type probe, the EL-WiFi-TC has a measurement range of 0° C (32° F) to 400° C (752° F), accuracy of ±1.5° C, and display resolution of 0.1° C/F. The sensor can accept user-selected J-, K-, N-, and T-type thermocouple via its on-board mini thermocouple connector pushing the potential measurement range to –270° to +1,300° C (–454 to +2,372° F).
During initial configuration, the sensor will search for an existing wireless network while physically connected to the PC via USB cable. Once a connection occurs, the user can employ the software to name the sensor, select sample rates, and set high and low alarms. The unit can then be unplugged and placed anywhere within range of the WiFi network. All future configuration of the unit can be done remotely.
Alarm breaches are transmitted instantly to the PC with both visible and audible cues irrespective of the transmit rate chosen. The unit also protects users from WiFi outage by storing data on-board (up to half a million readings) if the WiFi network is disrupted. All data stored is immediately uploaded to the PC when the WiFi is restored.
The EL-WiFi-TC is available for purchase immediately from Lascar Electronics, with significant discounts for higher volume orders.
For further information, contact Kayla Fracassi by email at [email protected] or phone 814-835-0621.

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