New climate-controlled Vessel ensures that food will arrive farm-fresh

New climate-controlled Vessel ensures that food will arrive farm-fresh

Terra’s Kitchen, a new, innovative meal delivery service, has announced its West Coast launch and debut. The company delivers farm-fresh products, using ready-to-cook recipes designed by a team of chefs, in its climate-controlled eco-friendly Vessel.
Among the leading fresh produce suppliers in North America, Terra’s Kitchen farmers grow for popular natural supermarkets. The eco-friendly Vessel, with climate-controlled technology, keeps food at the perfect temperature and is reusable, creating 0% waste. Direct delivery ensures these products come to your front door faster and fresher than then when they arrive at the grocery store.
Founded by a team of foodies, wellness professionals, nutritionists, and farmers, Terra’s Kitchen was created as the answer to this question: In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, how do we find the time to slow down and connect with each other over a healthy, great-tasting meal?
Terra’s Kitchen, in partnership with a national network of local farmers and fresh food technology company FreshRealm, has set itself apart from other meal delivery services with its climate-controlled Vessel. The company will schedule a pick-up date and time with its customers to retrieve the Vessel and reuse it, like the modern-day milkman bringing freshness from farm to front door.
Through the company’s website, consumers can select from a menu of seasonal recipes, designed by Terra’s Kitchen chefs to celebrate fresh produce. Once signed up, consumers can add, swap, or remove recipes, or come back when ready for their next eco-friendly Vessel stocked with fresh ingredients and recipes. Each week, Terra’s Kitchen will deliver ripe and fresh, pre-prepped ingredients that are ready for the skillet, as well as step-by-step recipe cards with pictures.
Terra’s Kitchen is offering an opt-in subscription service to customers within its delivery zones, where customers can purchase ready-to-cook ingredients and recipes each week.
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