Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway takes telematics even further

Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway takes telematics even further

Omnitracs LLC, a provider of fleet management solutions to transportation and logistics companies, has announced the introduction of Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG)—new, cutting-edge technology designed to spearhead the next generation in commercial vehicle telematics.

A powerful, integrated application delivery system, IVG offers advanced features such as a larger display, superior wireless connectivity, and hands-free voice commands designed to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity. IVG represents a breakthrough in mobile fleet management technology.

“IVG is a single mobile device that takes many of the time-tested features of its predecessor technologies, combined with exciting new features, to offer fleets one advanced, unified platform to enable the fast, safe, and efficient delivery of mobile applications and back-office information exchange,” said Jimmy Fortuna, vice-president of product management at Omnitracs. “IVG seamlessly links drivers to vehicles assets and the home office and allows them to access Omnitracs and third-party applications all in one place, enhancing the driver experience and improving fleet productivity.”

IVG’s advanced connectivity and hands-free options fully support a range of in-cab and out-of-cab mobility applications to improve driver quality of life, productivity, and safety. With multichannel Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hot spot capabilities, this enables drivers to use any and every one of their smart devices or other wireless- or Bluetooth-enabled components to remain connected to the home office. Building on the advantages of Omnitracs’ in-motion user interface and text-to-speech capability, IVG’s integrated voice command feature interacts with all Omnitracs apps and improves safety by allowing the driver to keep his eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel when interacting with the platform.

With a single connection point to the vehicle data bus, installation of IVG is simpler and faster than legacy multi-unit hardware platforms, allowing fleets to streamline system set up and minimize vehicle downtime.

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