Penray’s product array can help truck fleets optimize fuel economy

Penray’s product array can help truck fleets optimize fuel economy

Manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles are required to make and market vehicles that meet certain fuel economy standards. So it only makes good business sense to maintain that fuel economy throughout the life of the vehicle.

Over time, deposits develop in the combustion chamber, debris accumulates in the fuel system, injectors clog and fuel system delivery systems degrade. All of these conditions negatively affect fuel economy and performance, and proper maintenance can prevent or correct such issues.

Central to achieving and maintaining high levels of fuel efficiency are fuel additives that clean diesel fuel systems and fortify diesel fuels, including bio-fuels. Several such additives are offered by Penray Inc.

One such product is Penray’s POW-R 365 5-in-1 diesel fuel cleaner and treatment. This product is a specially formulated all-season diesel fuel additive. Regular use of this fuel system supplement can prevent accumulation of dirt, grime and sludge that can negatively affect fuel economy and engine performance and even shorten engine life.

POW-R 365 prevents buildup of harmful deposits in fuel tanks, lines, injectors and elsewhere within the fuel system. This assures complete and precise fuel injector spray patterns within the combustion chamber, which in turn helps assure complete burning of the fuel/air charge.

The product also provides lubricity for reduced wear within the fuel system and engine, and it includes corrosion inhibitors to protect all fuel system components. It increases the cetane rating of diesel fuel by a full point and also reduces the the CFPP by as much as 20 degrees F, all of which contributes to minimizing gelling and allowing easier starting in cold weather.

All these features improve fuel economy and enhance performance. In keeping with Penray’s philosophy of “one bottle, one truck,” POW-R 365 is supplied in 64-ounce bottles that treat the typical 250-gallon fuel fill in large trucks.

Vehicles that have already accumulated debris and deposits can be restored to OE fuel economy levels through the use of Penray’s Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner. This aggressive fuel additive is formulated to dissolve and wash away harmful deposits in vehicles that have not been maintained properly. It includes solvents and detergents that help break up heavy deposits of dirt, grime and sludge, including those contaminants present in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel.

Penray’s Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner can dissolve and disperse asphaltenes that develop in diesel fuels. These tar-like masses are problematic with the use of biofuels, and can seriously compromise an entire fuel delivery system.

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