Randall Temp Control’s pulldown trailer curtain complies with FSMA

Randall Temp Control’s pulldown trailer curtain complies with FSMA

Randall Temp Control announced a new trailer curtain offering: Rear and Side Pull Down Curtain (RPDC) and (SPDC), respectively.

The curtain’s new retractable design is field-tested to help foodservice distributors and grocery distributors, in particular, strengthen their temperature control posture by providing an easy-to-operate perimeter brush assembly to contain air flow, and driver- and loader-friendly unobstructed pass-through.

“Today’s demands on the supply chain with the enactment of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) are driving temperature control innovation and agility,” said Fred Jevaney, president of Randall Temp Control, a Safe Fleet brand. “We are designing and manufacturing new products that leverage our temperature control experience to help minimize risk, reduce energy costs and protect perishable inventory.”

With the emergence of FSMA, temperature control and product integrity are increasingly interconnected and data-driven. By providing effective temperature control at the rear and side trailer doors, distributors can reduce trailer temperature fluctuations, protect inventory from environmental elements and increase efficient equipment utilization while bringing confidence in meeting FSMA requirements.

Randall’s Rear and Side Pull Down Curtain provides:

•Easy and quick operation with a retractable design

•Superior air flow control

•Universal door style accommodation

•Improved safety and protection of inventory integrity

The Rear and Side Pull Down Curtains provide an additional product offering to meet driver and loader’s changing requirements, especially at the dock area.

Go to www.randallmfg.com/temp-control to learn more.

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