Seeing Machines Fleet combats distracted driving, driver fatigue

Seeing Machines Fleet combats distracted driving, driver fatigue

Seeing Machines announces the US launch of Seeing Machines Fleet, an incident avoidance system that helps drivers and fleet operators better manage fatigue and distraction events in real time.
Unlike in-cab video-based event recorders, Seeing Machines Fleet technology helps professional drivers avoid accidents and reduce risk of governmental fines through an advanced set of distraction and fatigue detection technologies.
Seeing Machines Fleet uses the company’s proven computer-vision DSS technology to track driver eye and facial movement to provide fleet operators an objective way of detecting and preventing driver fatigue and distraction events in real time. The moment a threat is detected, the system alerts the driver and monitoring staff through in-vehicle alarms and seat vibrations while sending an informative data package to the central monitoring team for further analysis and action.
Research and development supporting Seeing Machines Fleet spans more than eight years of testing, field studies and industry usage in mining, transportation, and vehicle sectors, where the organization works closely with its alliance partners Caterpillar and Takata. The technology is being used by mining, road transport, and bus customers in Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Seeing Machines has shipped more than 4,000 units of its driver safety system worldwide, with all clients reporting, at minimum, a 71% reduction in fatigue and distraction-related driving events.
The data show an overwhelming need for increased safety on the roads. According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a high number of people are killed each year due to fatigue and distraction while driving. In 2012 alone, large trucks were involved in traffic accidents that injured 104,000 people in the United States. According to Fleetistics, the average cost of a wrongful death verdict for trucking companies is $6.7 million. Seeing Machines’ solution enables operators to take direct action to reduce the number of accidents on the road.
“Driver fatigue and distraction are clearly major contributing factors in vehicle accidents. Drivers who are tired or who have microsleeps—or who are distracted by activities including texting—drift in and out of lanes or off the road, vary their speed unnecessarily, and are fundamentally unable to react in time to other drivers and other potential hazards on the road,” said Dr Mike Lenne, Seeing Machines general manager–human factors. “Seeing Machines has created an industry-leading portfolio of image processing capability related specifically to head, eye, and gaze tracking. This core technology is crucial in detecting these behaviors in real time and therefore in helping companies and drivers to better understand their safety issues and to support changes to address these known risks.”
Seeing Machines is headquartered in Australia and has offices in Tucson AZ, Mountain View CA, and Santiago, Chile.
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