T&D Corp temperature data logger

T&D Corporation revamps data loggers by adding new high-precision sensors

T&D Corporation is providing data loggers that feature upgraded high-precision temperature and humidity sensors. The reliability and coverage of T&D’s new sensors is required in industries such as food storage, with environment control needs ranging from ensuring safety of food to maintaining integrity of equipment and laboratory processes.

“Error-free and automated data collection are the key identifiers of a T&D data logger, both critical to peak performance in any application,” said Stephen Knuth, president, T&D US LLC.

T&D “S” type model data loggers come with one of these new sensors: SHA-3151 or SHB-3101. These devices have greatly improved environmental resistance and accuracy when measuring in a high-humidity environment, or in an environment that is exposed to corrosive gases and organic solvents.

Sensors are capable of temperature measurements from –25 to 70 degrees Celsius, with a plus-or-minus one-half of a degree accuracy range, and humidity measurements from zero to 99%, with a plus-or-minus two-and-a-half percent accuracy range. They also feature one and two-point adjustment functions in order to eliminate the need for the user to apply a manual adjustment factor when calibrating data.

Select data logger models with the new sensors incorporate Wi-Fi connectivity for automatic uploading of data to T&D’s exclusive free cloud service, allowing access from any Internet-enabled device worldwide with no monthly fee. The lineup also includes T&D LAN-based loggers that allow access to data via the T&D cloud, PC or by direct communication with mobile devices.

This upgraded lineup of data loggers is available at the same price as the previous “H” type models.

T&D will showcase its technology at PittCon 2018 from February 26–March 1 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando FL in booth #3500. For more information, access https://pittcon.org/.

More about T&D can be found at www.tandd.com.

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