TempTracker system for PowerVue ensures safe delivery of perishables

TempTracker system for PowerVue ensures safe delivery of perishables

Cadec Global has announced the availability of its TempTracker system for PowerVue. TempTracker uses wireless technology to monitor and document temperatures and alert drivers and management to temperature exceptions in real time so they can take immediate action when necessary to protect perishable goods.
For transportation managers in the food industry, keeping perishables at the precise right temperature from warehouse to truck to final destination is crucial. If the temperature in a trailer drops even a few degrees, pallets of food can go bad quickly, costing companies thousands of dollars.
Now, with TempTracker available on PowerVue, transportation managers can easily access a secure website to view temperature data, track trends, and create on-demand reports. Exceptions are noted via an alerting engine and can also be tracked and trended. For added protection, fleets can add optional door sensors that monitor door openings and closings and their precise effects on temperature.
TempTracker for PowerVue includes:
•Easy-to-view, up-to-date temperature information with alerts—TempTracker sensors send temperature readings to a receiver connected to an on-board computer (OBC) in the tractor approximately every five minutes. The driver is immediately alerted via the OBC when the temperature of a particular sensor reports above or below a certain target, acceptable range. An icon and audible alert on the OBC is the first line of defense for temperature variances. At any time, drivers can also look at the temperature of all sensors in the trailer by pressing the temperature icon on the OBC.
•Door sensors—A temperature sensor may also have a door sensor as part of a trailer configuration. When a door sensor recognizes a door opening or a door closing, the door status will also be recorded along with each temperature reading.
•Back-end alerts—The back end will be notified of any temperature exceptions via triggered alerts. This alert can be configured to include/exclude trailers and then send exception notifications to subscribers.
•Trip reporting—PowerVue will allow back-office users to chart trip temperatures per breadcrumb. Once the trail of a trailer is mapped for the particular date and time range selected, a temperature graph will be displayed for each sensor. The view can be played, reversed, or fast-forwarded and the temperature of each sensor at each breadcrumb charted.
•Exception reporting—PowerVue allows temperature exceptions to be aggregated and trended by sensor, trip, route, vehicle, or driver. Each report view can also be filtered by sites, vehicles, drivers, sensors, dates, number to display, threshold of number of exceptions, and threshold of length of exception.  Drilling down on a result in report view will display the detailed information associated with the exception.
For more information, visit www.cadec.com.

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