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Tosca’s reusable plastic container for eggs cools almost 10 times faster

Tosca’s reusable plastic container for eggs cools almost 10 times faster

Tosca, provider of reusable packaging and supply chain solutions, has introduced a breakthrough reusable plastic container (RPC) for packing, shipping, and displaying individual cartons of eggs. Featuring a SmartWall design, the retail-ready package simplifies restocking and promises retailers less shrink from damaged goods, labor savings, and less waste.
Eggs packed in the new Tosca containers cool almost 10 times faster than eggs in corrugated cardboard, according to an April 2014 study conducted by Sensitech, a provider of cold chain visibility systems for tracking and monitoring temperature-sensitive products. The Sensitech study was conducted at the Chase KS facility of Cal-Maine, a leading US producer and distributor of fresh shell eggs.
Since eggs begin to deteriorate the moment they are laid, the faster they are cooled, the safer and better quality they are. Consistency in cooling rates and final temperature are vital for product quality and enhanced safety.
“Egg deterioration begins with moisture loss and the release of CO2 into the surrounding air. Refrigeration slows both of these processes, thereby extending the shelf life of the egg,” said Kenneth E Anderson, PhD, professor, Prestage Department of Poultry Science, North Carolina State University, who analyzed the cooling study results.
Tosca recently completed a successful launch of its new egg container with a major national supermarket chain. In addition to increased durability, benefits include:
•Better product protection resulting in less damage
•Innovative design with a simple, one-touch, drop-down front wall to reduce labor costs
•Efficient ventilation and faster cooling of packed eggs
•More sustainable package with less waste
Egg distributors and retailers can use Tosca’s savings calculator to see how much they can save by switching to RPCs by answering a few simple questions at
Tosca provides reusable packaging and supply chain systems across a range of markets including eggs, poultry, produce, case-ready meat, cheese, and beer.
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