UHF RFID temperature logger tags monitor perishable products

UHF RFID temperature logger tags monitor perishable products

For 24/7 temperature monitoring of perishable foods and medicines, CAS DataLoggers and CAEN RFID offer the Easy2log RT0005 RFID temperature datalogger. These semi-passive UHF logger tags are designed specifically for the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Many customers want to get their product temperature data quickly and effortlessly upon receipt of the product. Point of origin is important to them. They want an inexpensive notepad-size device that’s easy for drivers and vendors to use.

One answer: the CAEN RFID RT0005, a temperature datalogger incorporating RFID technology within a sealed plastic card. The datalogger records temperature and auto-tracks information including product destination.

Using CAEN RFID temperature tags, you can verify temperature, destination, and shipping route—all with one scan.

The CAEN RFID RT0005 is a semi-passive UHF logger tag that records temperature from perishable food and pharmaceutical products in transportation and storage applications. Using an EPC C1G2 RFID interface, these tags have a read range of 10m in air @ 2W ERP. Ideal for use in shipping, RFID tags enable you to instantly check the temperature of products anywhere, anytime.

CAEN RFID’s high-accuracy sensor, large memory size, and alarm capabilities makes it easy to integrate temperature monitoring into an existing logistic operation. Each RFID data logger can be used over multiple shipments thanks to its long battery life and a Quick Reset function.

Personnel can start the RT0005 tag either by pressing a button or via standard RFID commands. Bright LEDs make it easy to do a quick temperature check. The tags can also calculate the mean kinetic temperature and remaining product shelf life time. These devices also generate alarms whenever values exceed preset high and low temperature alarms.

An External Probe model (RT0005ET) is also available, making it possible to measure temperature even inside a shielded box where the RFID field cannot get through. This is a popular product for pharma applications involving perishable medications and samples.

Available as a free download, Easy2log software allows you to configure, control, and download data from the temperature tags. CAEN RFID products also support integration with a web portal so when you input the tracking number, you’ll see the time, location info, and the entire temperature history all the way from the shipment time to the checkpoint.

RFID makes it quick and easy for users to download critical temperature data. Both desktop and portable UHF RFID readers are provided. Readers have an integrated antenna for short- to medium-range applications and feature a Bluetooth interface for quick data collection.

It’s easy for personnel to use these mobile or desktop RFID readers by just walking near a product pallet or box to collect the tags’ data. This way users can get data from multiple tags simultaneously—even from long distances.

For more information, access www.DataLoggerInc.com or call 800-956-4437.

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