Air Cuff Lock helps prevent truck theft

The ENFORCER Air Cuff Lock from Transport Security Inc  can prevent high-value loads from being stolen at locations such as truck stops.

An attempted truck theft involving a major truckload carrier transporting a high-value load was prevented in Sparks NV recently. Though the truck’s dashboard was severely damaged, the Air Cuff Lock prevented the truck from being stolen.

The Air Cuff Lock provides professional drivers an option to secure their trucks when stopped at rest areas and trucks stops. The Air Cuff Lock securely locks the dashboard brake valves, preventing unauthorized movement of the truck and trailer.

Transport Security Inc–ENFORCER has been providing cargo security solutions for more than 40 years. The ENFORCER product line includes kingpin locks, Air Cuff Locks, rear door trailer locks, Seal Guard locks that prevent seal tampering, C-TPAT/ISO 17712-compliant security seals and ABLOY high-security padlocks.

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