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Arctis two-speed fan drives bring efficient engine cooling

Arctis two-speed fan drives bring efficient engine cooling

Horton Inc has introduced Arctis two-speed fan drives, a better, more efficient engine cooling for medium-duty trucks, buses, severe-service vehicles, rear-engine cement mixers, and other on- and off-highway equipment with little to no ram air. The Arctis line provides the highest torque available from Horton, 2,700 inch-pounds (305 N-m), in its patented two-speed technology.

In most conditions, the two-speed fan drive is powered by eddy current, turning the fan at a lower speed, reducing operating noise, and increasing available horsepower for auxiliary systems. When the vehicle needs more cooling, fan drive springs actuate to run the fan at full input speed. Because the eddy current mode provides sufficient cooling in most operating conditions, full-speed fan operation is reduced by 85%. This improves fuel economy, reduces operating noise, and increases horsepower. Fewer fan engagement cycles also improve fan drive, belt, and tensioner reliability while minimizing radiator abrasion from dust and debris.

Arctis two-speed fan drives also provide superior bearing technology, a high-torque clutch pack to drive larger fans at higher ratios, and a larger air chamber for full disengagement. The fan drives are easy to install and maintain.

For full information, visit or call 888-813-9926 or 651-361-6400.

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