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Broken Bolt Extraction Kit goes nationwide

Broken Bolt Extraction Kit goes nationwide

Broken Bolt has announced a nationwide expansion to address the increasing need for its Bolt Extraction Kit. Developed by Fulgham Machine and Tool, the kit is used within several organizations including the US military and Walmart’s fleet. Streamlining operations, fleet maintenance and repair teams nationwide have eliminated unexpected maintenance costs through the use of the Bolt Extraction Kit.

“This particular tool has been very successful in its local market,” said Luke Dubay, partner at Broken Bolt. “We are very excited to expand to a more national audience.”

Improving efficiency and functionality of broken bolt removal, the tool has proven essential for fleet maintenance, automotive repair, building and ground maintenance, machine repair, and heavy equipment. Experiencing a positive response from many industries in the upper Midwest, Broken Bolt has developed a team to build marketing and sales efforts of the tool nationwide.

The Extraction Tool is available in three kits (small, large, and combo). It provides businesses with the ability to recover from broken bolt issues quickly, saving hundreds of dollars and hours of equipment downtime.

“This tool literally paid for itself the very first time we used it,” said William Belden of Belden Asphalt Paving Co Inc. “Since then, we have used the tool both in the shop and on job sites, and it’s a great time-saver. We now can get broken bolts out in under 15 minutes by using this tool without any damage to the threads.”

The Bolt Extraction Kits are made in the United States and contain more than 60 items. These include bolt extraction arms; high-speed cobalt drill bits; tap wrenches; tap drills; drill bushings; hardened washers; and a plastic case for storage, mobility, and easy access.

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