Carrier Transicold offers Vector 5100 unit

Carrier Transicold offers Vector 5100 unit

The Vector 5100 all-electric refrigeration unit from Carrier Transicold offers an environmentally responsible and energy-efficient system for retail foodservice operations that use refrigerated trailers for on-site cold storage. It eliminates noise, emissions, and fuel consumption associated with traditional temporary cold storage approaches and reduces operating costs up to 70%.

The Vector 5100 stationary unit is based on the electric architecture of the Vector 6500 single-temperature transport refrigeration unit (TRU). A hybrid unit, the Vector 6500 uses a diesel engine and electric generator for on-highway power and offers plug-in electric-standby capability when parked at the loading dock.

“The Vector 5100 unit delivers the same quiet, emissions-free performance as a Vector 6500 unit on electric standby, without the added expense of the power plant,” said Mark Fragnito, product manager. “Additional user savings come from running off ‘the grid,’ rather than using a diesel engine to run the refrigeration system. With current models, the operating savings ranges from 40% to 70%, based on the relatively stable cost of electric power and fluctuating price of diesel fuel over the last several years.

“Customers committed to sustainable strategies will want to tap the Vector 5100 unit’s environmental advantages,” Fragnito said. “Plus there is some regulatory incentive to do so. California, for one, has already proposed stringent restrictions on diesel-powered stationary cold storage as part of its greenhouse gas reduction initiatives and strongly encouraged alternative options, including electrically-driven systems. As an electric-only unit, the Vector 5100 is a terrific alternative for forward-looking operations.”

Requiring a 460-volt power supply, the Vector 5100 unit is designed for near-silent operation and low life-cycle costs. It uses maintenance-free electric motors to drive its evaporator fan and condenser fans. The semi-hermetic compressor has no shaft seal to wear out. Heating and defrost, when needed, are provided by electric-resistance elements rather than hot gas. The unit takes advantage of Carrier’s quiet V-force condenser fans and high-performance Novation condenser coil.

For easy user operation and on-board data recording, the unit is equipped with the programmable Advance microprocessor control with TRU-DEMAND (Digital Energy MANagement Device) operating logic.

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