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CAS offers Accsense VersaLog system

CAS offers Accsense VersaLog system

CAS DataLoggers provided its Accsense VersaLog temperature monitoring and alarming system recently to a shipper exporting its fruit and vegetables to remote distribution centers and markets.

Most of this produce was extremely temperature-sensitive and could easily spoil or be otherwise contaminated. Therefore, it was essential to alarm these refrigerated shipments throughout the cold chain to avoid any health risks and lengthen shelf life. In case of spoilage, the shipper would have to mark the product as a loss and lose credibility with the receiver. With this in mind, the shipper needed a portable monitoring system with a large memory to store temperature and humidity recordings for printout upon receipt as proof of product quality and best practices.

The customer currently installs three Accsense VersaLog humidity and temperature data loggers inside each of its shipping containers, securing the recorders to the front of crates where personnel can easily access their USB ports. During transit, the two-channel VersaLogs record relative humidity and temperatures using external Sensirion RH digital sensors. Providing stand-alone operation, the loggers run on a built-in lithium battery with a five-year life. Each data logger’s memory stores up to 4 MB worth of readings onto non-volatile flash memory and samples the inventory’s temperature and humidity every 30 minutes.

Users can easily configure alarm settings to match a shipment’s particular produce and storage conditions. Using SiteView software, the VersaLogs immediately report their alarm status to a host PC via modem. While recording, their aluminum enclosure and conformal coatings enable the data loggers to stand up to the moist storage environment. After each delivery is completed, users connect the loggers to an office PC for printout.

Warehouse personnel also find SiteView easy to use for configuration and download. SiteView’s data analysis and plotting features also confirm for management and receivers that safe temperature and humidity levels were maintained throughout a journey. Data transfer is supported to Excel or the particular receiver’s generic format of choice for quick exporting, organization, and transparency.

Accsense VersaLog has proven to be a low-cost solution for the customer’s perishable product consignments. Now the shipper customer is notified whenever product’s temperature and humidity goes out of specification and knows which parties are responsible. All relevant data is printed to show regulatory compliance, including the shipper’s HACCP programs, which helps to settle insurance claims and deter potential lawsuits. RH and temperature data is thoroughly analyzed to fine-tune the customer’s own product and delivery quality. Months later, Accsense VersaLog’s monitoring and recording features continue to help the supplier establish reliability.

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